The Complete Guide to Remote and Hybrid Restructuring

Practical tips and resources for navigating organisational transformation

In this eBook you will learn about

  • The difference between remote and hybrid workforces
  • Everything you need to consider in the lead up to change
  • Effective communication planning to the organisation
  • Is Redeployment an option
  • The 'remote' effective separation conversation
  • Setting up exiting employees for success following redundancy

Why we created this eBook

In putting this eBook together, our mission was simple. To help take the stress, confusion, panic, and angst out of remote or hybrid restructures and to make the process as smooth and calm as possible.

We've helped hundreds of organisations like yours
At JobAccelerator our goal is to radically change the way outplaced employees experience career transition. We are ready to take your outplaced employees to the next phase of their career journey, creating a smooth transition for everyone and a clear path forward to success.