Accelerate career transition with JobAccelerator

Purpose built to help your outplaced employees land their next role, smarter and faster.

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How can JobAccelerator help your outplaced employees?

JobAccelerator is a 24/7, on-demand job search portal that serves participants with personalised, high quality, curated content coupled with guidance from an expert career coach.

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Ready to take your outplaced employees to the next phase of their career journey?

Smart technology backed by real-world experience

Our technology can help jobseekers build their perfect resume, refine their job search, track their job activity, get better job recommendations and even nudges to complete tasks. All backed by the wisdom of our experienced coaches to provide market leading support.

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Implement transition programs in minutes

Quick and easy participant setup, including bulk upload, means that you can get your outplaced employees started on their transition journey faster, whether it's one individual or team of 100.

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Real-time transparency on activity and outcomes

Enjoy complete oversight of programs, candidate uptake, coaching engagement and support, meaning you can monitor your employees’ progress at every step.

Candidate Feed and analytics

Reporting and tracking made easy

Data visualisation in-platform helps make reporting around employee outcomes and tracking program performance simple.

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Secure & high-availability platform

With a secure platform built on Cloud technology, using one of the world’s leading providers, you can be sure your organisation and your employees data is safe and protected.

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We've helped hundreds of organisations like yours

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Find out how JobAccelerator can help your organisation navigate change

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