Ultimate restructure checklist

Organisational change is inevitable. Whether it is a small personnel change to a single team or a large-scale restructure impacting an entire organisation, leaders must be prepared.

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Restructures are hard

Any organisational restructure, big or small, will require strategic thinking and planning. Many organisations open themselves up to avoidable risks without the right advice. 

Without experience and training, your leaders may not be prepared to properly implement a smooth restructure. Ensure you equip them with the skills to handle this complex process properly. 

Clear processes matter

Proper preparation, strategic implementation and support are critical for an effective restructure. This will ensure employees are looked after, mitigate risks and protect an organisation’s reputation.

Don’t underestimate the emotional toll

Restructures cause uncertainty which often leads to significant stress and anxiety for those involved. In this environment of heightened emotions, leaders, managers and employees alike a susceptible to the “emotional contagion” of anxiety, instability, and burnout.

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