JobAccelerator’s coach community – A snapshot [Infographic]

Organisational Change
Paul Slezak

Unless you’ve personally been impacted by an organisational restructure, had your role made redundant, or been retrenched (however you choose to frame your narrative around being let go), it’s impossible to truly appreciate the emotional roller coaster that takes place.

For the person being let go, while all their colleagues are waking up and getting on with just another normal day, suddenly they find themselves immobilized.

As an employer, divisional leader, business owner, or line manager, after you’ve had to make the already difficult decision to move somebody on from your business, wouldn’t you want to know that you’ve set them up on a program that’s going help them land on their feet again as quickly as possible?

I know I’d sleep better at night knowing that a team member who had always been 100% committed to me and my business was now in safe hands.

Providing an impacted employee with an outplacement or career transition program along with an expert career coach is giving them a confidant and partner to help them along what for many is an incredibly emotional journey. The coach might start working with them at an all-time low but will be right there by their side as they re-discover their purpose.

As one of our awesome coaches, Nathan Verco, often says (with a hat tip to Rudyard Kipling) …

"No written word, nor spoken plea can show people who they can be. Nor all the books on all the shelves, but who the coaches are themselves.”

Our coaches are the lifeblood of the JobAccelerator outplacement and career transition offering. They can help impacted employees:

  • Work through their emotional response to change and rebuild confidence
  • Uncover career insights and transferable skills
  • Expand networks and connections
  • Gain an accurate market perspective through targeted labour insights and proactive engagement with recruiters
  • Take a targeted approach to job search and their next career move
  • Overcome objections and roadblocks during the career transition process
  • Get their foot in the door with an impactful resume and social media profile
  • Have more success at interview

Whilst we are obsessed with the world-class career transition technology we have built (and continue to build), we are equally obsessed with the quality of all our specialist career and vocational coaches and the impact we know they have had in delivering over half a million coaching sessions.

Our coaches work with more than 3,000 individuals every year to re-motivate, inspire and help them define their career, employment and educational goals and to develop a pathway to achieving them. 

We are often asked about our coaches and our broader coach community. Where are they located? What are their areas of specialisation? What qualifications do they hold? What experience have they had working with individuals from diverse socio-economic, CALD and indigenous backgrounds?

After surveying all our coaches, we now have the answers to all our most frequently asked questions, and we decided to share a snapshot of the results through our latest Infographic.

Check it out below!

Of course, if you have any other questions about JobAccelerator’s coach community, you can reach out to us any time. You know where to find us!